About Me

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My Background

After graduating from an Honours Bachelor of Commerce, I entered the professional world at the height of the recession. Lacking in “contacts” and located in the West of Ireland, I quickly learned that I was going to have to have to move to Ireland’s Capital to land my first job.

I have never forgotten that feeling of sheer vulnerability, not knowing what the future held for me at that moment, and I believe that has contributed to my skills as a career coach in genuinely understanding what my client is feeling and going through as I work with them.

Over a decade later, with 10 years experience in recruitment, employer branding, career coaching and leadership roles, I have a thorough understanding and insight into all stages of the recruitment process which I share with my clients to help them successfully navigate what can be a very daunting process.

Having worked in the Recruitment field, I have a strong understanding of many career areas and industries which my clients find very helpful as we work together. I help my clients identify what type of team, company, industry and culture would best suit their values and personalities along with their personal and professional aspirations.

My post graduate studies in Career Development and Coaching at Warwick University enable me to support clients to identify the issue in their current situation and apply solutions, explore their limiting beliefs leading to low self confidence, discover career interests, implement a practical plan of action to achieve their goals and have an understanding of how their decisions, networks and learnings have lead them to where they find themselves today.

I am passionate about helping people to live the life they desire, by securing the jobs and ultimately building the career that enables them to do that.