Some people prefer to learn and progress from a distance, rather than being the sole focus of individual personalised consultations.

Others might not have the budget to spend on individual consultations and therefore group workshops are a great opportunity.

I run group workshops to support you through the various stages of your career journey whether you are a student, graduate or further along in your career.

Presentation skills training

Career Exploration

If you’re feeling stuck, lacking confidence, unsure and loosing clarity on how you “fell into” your current position or career, why you’re dissatisfied in your current position, and having a difficult time figuring out what you want to do next - this workshop could help you come up with answers and clarity to help you put a plan in place.

Career Preparation

You have identified the type of jobs you would like to apply for. Now it’s time to put a plan in place regarding job search & application strategies, professional branding & networking and interview preparation to ensure you secure your desired job as easily and quickly as possible. This workshop helps you to do just that!

Career Destination

Often we know we will secure more than one job offer but dread the thought of having to choose which offer to take. Approaching salary or working condition negotiations can be daunting. Maybe you will want to work remotely a percentage of the time but are unsure how to bring this up with your potential employer once the time comes? Figuring out what the company culture is really like could be important for you. Putting a plan in place around work-life balance before you start your next job might help you to actually achieve the right balance. This workshop helps you to address these situations in advance of starting your new job!