Career Coaching for second level students

Leaving cert subjects, college courses, CAO

Think beyond the subjects & college courses.

The increasing number of college courses provides a great selection for second level students to choose from, but with that choice comes confusion. The labour market is also changing, new jobs are being created everyday which can be difficult to keep up with!

If you’re a second level student, or a parent, I can completely understand how overwhelming this decision process is. During the 10 years I spent working in the recruitment & careers field, I developed great knowledge & understanding of a wide variety of careers and industries.

Working as a coach, I can share this knowledge with you as we explore potential career interests.

While it is important that one studies a course they are genuinely interested in, I strongly advise parents and students to also think beyond the course of study as ultimately one completes a course of study to become more employable after.

I really feel that it is worth considering employment prospects post course completion, salary ranges, and work-life balance.

*Disclaimer - I do not offer course information. This is easily found online and via your school guidance counsellor. The value I can bring is helping you to identify potential career interests as a starting point for course selection, decision making between a shortlist of courses already identified, and explore what the course leads to in employment terms.