Career Coaching for Adults

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I work with each client to identify the issues their current situation brings, while also supporting them to apply solutions and a plan of action to move forward.

Change requires change, but it can be challenging to approach change alone.

Career Coaching helps to make each stage a little less daunting!

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People usually benefit from support with the following:

  • Becoming aware of limiting beliefs and building confidence

  • Discovering and exploring potential career interests

  • Identifying suitable employment environments

  • Understanding job adverts and job specifications

  • Building a professional profile

  • Creating an impactful CV & Cover Letter

  • Job search strategies outside of the general application route

  • Interview Preparation

  • Mock Interviews

  • Identifying and positioning your value to an employer

  • Salary negotiations

  • Transitioning to a new career

  • Goal setting

  • Achieving work-life balance